This is my first blog post, but not the last that you’re gonna read.

Hey, let me introduce myself. I’m Tuomas, and it’s a pleasure to see that you came to read my blog! More of me you can read from here.  My hard core interests are the energy supply of the world and what are the characteristics aka the key points of energy economics and energy technology. For example:

  • What makes the oil price be so high as it is? – OPEC and the uncertainties around the Middle East as well as the inevitable fact that the oil will end.
  • Why don’t we just make this renewable energy revolution right here, right now? – Of course, change takes time. It has taken decades in every turn of technological revolutions in the past to take place, and it is gonna take decades now. Even with quite a many people crying out loud for it, there are large scale  economical and technical facts that you have to take into consideration. Such as the fact that our electricity grid of today doesn’t allow it in a big scale. Yet.
  • Why are the people  so confident about Photovoltaics even though they are so expensive? the price will come down, it’s a law of economics, and told to me by this guy, so it must be true! Right now the countries are giving subsidies and other forms of economical aid to the renewable energy, to make it competitive in the markets.

To be honest I’m sometimes much more interested in some novel about the Roman Empire than this energy debate, but that’s just normal. In this blog, I’m gonna concentrate on the energy, since it actually really and totally is interesting! It affects your everyday life, in all the aspects of it. I’m gonna show it to you, if you keep up reading this blog. Sometimes you might want to comment on something and then, my dear reader, you will just got to do what a (wo)man’s gotta do!