Wind power gains lift from the ministry

In today’s Helsingin Sanomat -newspaper there was an article about the wind power and the bureaucracy in building permissions. The liquidator Lauri Tarasti’s work to determine the problems in the wind energy utilization in Finland was published on Friday. He names the heavy and complex bureaucracy as the main issue. He also formed  16 solutions to the problems, that the government will go through in the autumn, after some preparations.

There is no simple solution to the problem, which has lead to a situation, where Finland is regarded as the developing country of wind power. Right now there are only around 140 wind power mills – Sweden had 2163 MW (produces 3,2% of electricity) installed in the end 2010, when in Finland the number is still today 197MW (0,6%)! In Denmark the share of wind is an impressive 24%.

More details can be seen here (the total paper by Lauri Taraste)

Well, the point was (as I have already earlier said) that the change will come. Right now there are 5 ministers of the Finnish government that are strongly driving the increase of wind power. The reasons are obvious. We have agreed to follow the EU 20-20-20 targets, Finland has agreed to increase the share of renewable energy from 30 to 38% by 2020, the wind energy industry will create new jobs in Finland and it will help to increase the energy self-sufficiency of the country.

A funny thing about this whole wind energy thing: The change is so rapid! I came across with this Energy Ball from Sweden. It’s developed for low wind speeds and for a small electricity need. First I saw some presentations of a prototype dated in 2008, and when I made it to their web pages, they seem to be already on the markets. I bet rapid movements will also happen in the wind in Finland!


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