The EnergyVaasa companies in a nutshell

I will be in the interviews for the Vaasa regions energy ambassador on Wednesday and Thursday. Because of this I made some background checking for these companies. I pressed some info to these sentences, that tell some chosen facts about the companies that I might have the privilege  of working with. And so do you.

ABB – With the personnel of more than 130 000, this among other things electricity, automation and power company is a well known and desirable company for more or less anybody with interest in technology.

Citec – With the key expertise in power plant design, this global player’s working force numbers up to 1100. The special something comes through technical communications with a touch of understanding.

Leinolat Group – This combination of six companies that together shows its knowledge in metal products and air conditioning systems.  In here it’s all about preciseness and seamless group work!

Mervento – A bold, innovative and reliable. In short, there are loads of windmills for mid range wind speeds to produce. This young company promises much, but there is also a lot of potential.

Stormossen – A municipal waste managing company of 7. In the field of energy, they will set a new baseline for effective waste facilitation with the new biogas power plant to be switched on 2013. It will be the first one of it’s type in Finland.

Vaasan Sähkö – Vaasa electricity company does what it’s good at. The 184 employees take care that the concerns around 63 000 grid customers get their electricity. The heat is co-generated and dealt to the customers through the 207 km of pipelines.

Vamp – Pure and simple. This company makes all sorts of protection relays for a variety of electric components and applications. This includes wind farms, electricity distribution and motors, to name a few.  You might find something else in addition, when you visit their page, but i like to simplify this one.

VAMK – Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has 13 studying programs in Finnish and Swedish as well as three degree programs in English. The six engineering programs train capable working force for the industry at the region, for Finland, and internationally.

University of Vaasa – Over 5 000 students, of which 11% come with an international background. Business and administration studies are included in the studies. There are 5 international studying programs inside the total of 28 Master’s degree possibilities (although two candidate programs seem to share the technical communications Master’s program) The whole Vaasa is the home of around 12 000 students.

Vaasa Energy Institute – VEI takes the heavy responsible of being the leading energy research center in the Nordic hotspot of the energy industry. A six years old VEI rockets through this goal with the forceful balance of technology and economical knowhow.

VASEK – The coordinator and facilitator, the active part of local growth: The Vaasa region development company offers among other things advice and connections to everybody willing to start a business or maybe strengthening one with his/her own expertise.  The name says it all.

VNT Management – This Venture Capital Management Company is behind many of the future growing technology companies, among which are e.g. The Switch, European Batteries Oy, GasEK and Mervento. This is about clean energy.

Wapice – The 200 people working for Wapice know their stuff. Programmers, developers and designers in both IT and electronics are needed in providing the palette of services, technologies and products, with which the rapidly growing need of the local and global industry are taken care of.

Wärtsilä – Global employer of 18 000 is a heavy designer, leader and maker in the energy and marine solutions. Needs no further introductions. Has a joint venture with Metso in producing a small-scale sustainable energy solutions for electricity and district heating systems.

More info about these companies can be found here: (in Finnish)

All the companies in EnergyVaasa community can be found here: (in Finnish)


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