About the trends of the future

Will the Desertec-project take place and provide both Europe and North Africa with cheap and environment friendly electricity? Are we gonna switch to the hydrogen economy and drive all our private driving with fuel cells? Is there gonna be any private car ownership? When do we take the giant leap to fusion energy and can forget about energy efficiency once more, like it was with cheap coal and then with cheap oil? Where is this world heading to??

It might be foolish idea to try to see into the future. Still in practically every corporation from a small to a big one, people try to do it. Of course it is interesting to be able to guess, what kind of preferences the people on average will have. On a special branch of the markets after the next 10 years, what do they want or think they want? In which way do they want to hear from what they might want and need?

This might be slightly off topic, but I’m certain it isn’t useless. The whole idea is that you collect as many of the weak signals in the media as you can, in order to see where the development in the branch of your choice is going to. I know, this is not a new idea. I came by it while reading a book about community communications (published 2001). Still it’s in my opinion important thing to understand. According to Hiltunen a news article, a blog post, or a picture is a weak signal IF:

  1. It makes your colleagues laugh.
  2. Your colleagues are strongly against it – no way, never gonna happen!
  3. It rises wondering
  4. No one has ever heard of it
  5. People don’t want to talk more about it inside the organization
At it’s best, a weak signal matches with all of the points 1-5. If none of these match, it’s not a weak signal. (It might be that it is already known phenomena etc.)

So the question is, how can you collect these? One answer can be found through the link. And now, what do you think of the picture? (A cheap joke, I know, but think about it!)

And IF you haven’t already heard of these jewelry of the ideas, please do take a minute or two scrolling these through 😉 They are the 9 not so crazy ideas to combating climate change.


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