Good news everybody! Finland might still have hope!

I watched a video of my might-to-be-employers seminar in Vaasa. The key thing there was that Finland has finally taken a step forward in the Wind Energy -branch. Now, I mean that there has been a quite nice amount of development and companies working on it, but now the government is also doing it’s utmost to come up with something that works.

In Germany and many other countries in the EU that have been increasing their Wind energy production heavily, the most important element has been the feed-in tariffs. Now they have implemented these also in Finland.

This means, that wind energy producers have been granted with a reasonable price for the electricity that they are making. This means, they now can invest on wind, and make a profit. This means more windmills. This leads to higher amount of competent people how make, install and maintain these devices of the green revolution. This means that they will be installed (and so on) more effectively, in the meaning of lower costs in the future. This means cheaper green electricity for everyone. Good good good!

Is it really so? Is it more expensive to build new technology? Well, let’s take this sad to hear of Olkiluoto 3 -project as an example. Otherwise it would be quite cheap energy production, but… Since the nuclear reactor type that they are building is new (EPR in stead of PWR), it is more difficult to build than the old type, with which people already had building experience. I mean had, back in the 70’s.

If you didn’t get the Olkiluoto-example, I have another one for you: Just think what usually happens to the first creps / pancake you make. Yep. It always fails, but still you keep doing those, ’cause you know, that as the pan gets more oil and fat (read money and experience in the energy business) the creps in the end will be sweet and tasty as heaven 😉


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